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02 March 2010 @ 01:04 am
Giriko/Justin/Team failboat fanfiction~  
So, I'm new to this fandom and all... and I wrote a fanfiction that I will get flamed for forever and ever and ever.

Manga-verse and Giriko-centered (what?!) and concerns Justin Law. And rest of Team Failboat.

Rated M for Giriko's terrible, terrible mouth. 'm not even kidding about this one. The heavy usage of language that will offend everybody forever.

Also, there's yaoi, but not really. Because Giriko is clearly heterosexual and Justin just doesn't give a damn about romance. Except they're both sexually pent up. Well. One of them is anyway.

And also some non-con, for the above mentioned reasons.

Basically it's a hardcore M fic without any implications of lemon sex whatsoever. Somehow this is possible. Yes.

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